From the Instructor


Dear aspiring musician,

Music has been a life-line language and friend of mine as long as I can remember. From my early years I was blessed to be encouraged in this gift and interest. Vocal music has been my preference allowing me to sing in school, community  and All-State choirs from my youth up to the present. 

I started traditional piano lessons at a young age. In most of my years at the piano, you could find me songwriting and ear-training to copy songs from the radio. I also enjoyed playing the trumpet throughout my school years which allowed me to participate in concert, marching and jazz bands as well as music competitions. 

My first year of college was spent as a voice performance major at Northwest Missouri State University and I finished with a degree in Human Development and Family Studies from Grace University, Omaha. It was really in these years that I grew in my musicianship at the piano. This led to many years working with music ensembles, playing for church worship teams and eventually to the Simply Music method in 2007. Since then, I have enjoyed teaching this method to dozens of students and growing in my composition and reading skills. 

One of my greatest joys is to create at the piano and communicate with song. Therefore, lessons in my studio have a strong emphasis on creativity, improvisation, composition and genuine self-expression. I believe we are only complete and healthy musicians when we can be free with our music knowledge and  interpretation.  Because we all are deeply and profoundly musical, I am honored to help you find your unique voice at the piano.

Your musical friend,

Missy Murphy

Certified Simply  Music Instructor