Simply Music Piano

Simply Music is considered a breakthrough in methodology. This method, unlike traditional methods, temporarily delays reading while giving students time to develop multi-sensory tools in their learning. In the first year of piano lessons, students build a repertoire of 30-50 songs including various styles and genres. It is then that reading programs are introduced and the result is well-rounded musicians who are strong in reading, creating and playing.   This is the most revolutionary piano method in Omaha!


Piano Windows

Play-A-Story is a video-based improvisation context for students young and old, experienced and inexperienced. Often lacking in traditional lessons, this program provides students multiple ways to produce immediate results in their improvisation while weaving in key theoretical concepts along the way. A win for every student at Studio 22!


. . . and then some!

The goal of everything we do in our learning is to encourage all students to go above and beyond what they are taught, to push the limits with their understanding and musicianship. There is so much to discover at the piano. What is your sound?

How the Simply Music method works

Play A Story improvisiation